live shows!

FRIDAY FEB 27 - Casa del Sol, Nyack, NY - FREE, 9 pm, all ages
SATURDAY FEB 28 - The Lumberyard, Georgetown, CT - FREE, 9 pm, all ages


Album update and shows!

Feb 21, 2014
posted by Rich

It's been a long time with no word from us, but we've been hard at work on the album. Watch video #2 for details!

Also we have live shows at two of our favorite spots coming up!! We're back at Casa del Sol in Nyack, NY and the Lumberyard in Redding, CT. Hope to see you guys there!

New Album Announced!

Nov 17, 2014
posted by Rich

We announced it at our shows last weekend in Nyack and New Paltz, and now it's time to ring the internet's doorbell and shout it loud!
We are officially working on our first full-length album!! We've been playing music for 10 years and I'd say this is long overdue. There will be plenty more updates along the way.

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